Invited Speakers

Preparing Faculty to Use Learning Analytics: The Stepping Stones Curriculum

Emily Oakes

Session Description: Many instructors struggle to understand the value of using data in their teaching even while significant strides have been made toward situating learning analytics in their courses. The Stepping Stones curriculum was developed to tackle this challenge. Stepping Stones is a cross-institutional effort coordinated by the Unizin Consortium that is intended to better prepare faculty to use learning analytics data ethically, effectively, and equitably. The resources provided are designed to be used by facilitators to create and deliver a learning experience for their instructors, with the flexibility to accommodate a variety of audiences, modalities, workshop structures, and outcomes. During this session, we will explore the resources available, consider how to establish workshop goals, and discuss how to organize and adapt the materials to support those goals.

Emily Oakes is Indiana University’s Principal Unizin IT Consultant and the Indiana University Data Steward for Learning Management and Learning Analytics data.  She is also a first-generation, non-traditional student who has spent her lifetime navigating systems of education with a disability. Emily's 10-year career at IU as an information technology professional has involved direct support of faculty and students as they interact with university systems, most notably teaching and learning tools. As Data Steward, she is responsible for the university-wide governance of learning management and learning analytics data. Her experience with technology systems and passion for effective and equitable teaching powers her efforts to unravel complex problems at the intersection of people and technology – challenges ranging from course content affordability to the effective and ethical use of learning data in the classroom.

Using Data Visualizations to Make a Difference

Anna Kourouniotis

Session Description: For those of us working in higher education, it comes as no surprise to hear that analytical data is everywhere. But it is also true that we have yet to recognize its full potential and the many ways it can be used to improve the student experience throughout our institutions. Based upon my recent EDUCAUS Review article, Using Visualization to Reveal Insights and Make Decisions, I will discuss the seven key elements of good data visualizations and how they can be used by administrators to make a difference in the lives of our students. I will also provide examples of how Duke University is helping administrators see and use the data they need.

Anna Kourouniotis is a Database Analyst II for the Office of the University Registrar at Duke University. She manages data requests and develops interactive dashboards for various users across campus. Anna’s main goal is to ensure that recipients of the data (whether in its raw form, aggregated, or visualized in dashboards) truly understand the data and are given the relevant context. She holds a BS in Business Administration from the American College of Greece and an MA in New Media Studies from the University of Leicester. She is also currently enrolled in the Graduate Certificate in Learning Analytics at the North Carolina State University in Raleigh.