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Marco Molinaro

Marco Molinaro, Ph.D., is the Assistant Vice Provost for Educational Effectiveness at UC Davis where he created and oversees the Center for Educational Effectiveness (CEE). The CEE team is composed of highly specialized professionals focused on empowering instructors and staff, improving the educational system, and fostering educational innovation and discovery all in service of removing disparities in undergraduate student outcomes while maximizing learning.

Dr. Molinaro has over 22 years of educational experience creating and leading applications of technology for instruction, scientific visualization and simulation, tools for evidence-based instructional actions, curriculum development and evaluation, and science exhibits for students from elementary school through graduate school and for the general public. He is Co-PI of the Howard Hughes Medical Institute Inclusive Excellence project to ensure that all STEM students have the opportunity to pursue and excel in STEM fields through the efforts of dedicated and informed instructors utilizing evidence-based instructional practices. He serves on multiple national committees including: the National Academy of Sciences Committee on developing indicators for monitoring undergraduate STEM education, the APLU INCLUDES analytics committee on faculty diversification and chairs the AAAS analytics sub-committee of the SEA Change project that aims to enhance equity and diversity in university students and faculty.

Molinaro is also the founder of the Tools for Evidence-based actions community, a group of researchers and administrators from over 100 universities dedicated to sharing tools and methodologies that encourage evidence-based instructional actions. His projects have been funded though the NSF, NIH, and various private foundations such as Gates, Intel, the Helmsley Trust, and HHMI.