About the Learning Analytics Summit

Indiana University is pleased to invite you to its annual International Learning Analytics Summit.  Led by the Center for Learning Analytics and Student Success (CLASS)the summit will be held virtually on May 11-13th 2022 from 12PM-6PM EST. The purpose of the summit is to cultivate a knowledge building community with a shared interest in in furthering faculty engagement with the widespread, sustained use of learning analytics.


You do not need to be affiliated with Indiana University to attend the Learning Analytics Summit.

The Summit is a public venue intended to bring faculty, administrators, and practitioners together who share similar goals and have an interest in programs that engage faculty in the use of Learning Analytics at the course, program and institutional levels. If that sounds like you then please join this year.

Goals and outcomes

The summit will foster a multi-institutional community to advance the research and application of big data and learning analytics for student success at the course, program, and institutional levels of higher learning.

By the end of the summit, you will have had the opportunity to:

  • Contribute to working group sessions that will help to further engage faculty in the research of student success.
  • Identify strategies that will overcome roadblocks to making the data useful on our campuses
  • Discuss the current trends and usage of learning analytics both nationally and internationally
  • Showcase the work occurring on your campus and how it contributes to student success
  • Establish new connections and nurture existing social networks with institutions and colleagues working in the field