Indiana University’s 3rd Annual Learning Analytics Summit: From Insight to Action

Indiana University is pleased to invite you to its 3rd annual Learning Analytics Summit.  Led by the Center for Learning Analytics and Student Success (CLASS) this year’s summit theme is From Insight to Action. The purpose of the summit is to cultivate a knowledge building community with a shared interest in in furthering faculty engagement with the widespread, sustained use of learning analytics.

This year’s summit theme will provide a forum for discourse about the changes, or anticipated changes that faculty, programs, and schools are making to further student success through the thoughtful application of learning analytics.

Our summit is premised on the idea that faculty involvement with the use of learning analytics is critical to the establishment of a data-guided culture within higher education. With their expert knowledge about their students, disciplines, courses, and programs, instructors of all ranks are in the best position to take advantage of the new insights learning analytics can provide. And in many ways, they are also the ones most capable of making changes based upon those new insights. This can provide all higher education stakeholders with a better understanding of the challenges, opportunities, and choices students face as they travel on their individual pathways toward receiving a college degree.

Through keynote talks, presentations, and working sessions, we will address both the opportunities and barriers of providing learning analytics, data dashboards and predictive models to faculty at institutions of higher learning.

Who should attend

Whether you or your institution is new to learning analytics, or have well established initiatives, you will find the summit a worthwhile experience. The summit is designed to meet the needs of:

  • Faculty who are using, or plan to use learning analytics in their scholarly research about teaching, learning and student success
  • Administrators and department staff who are supporting, or plan to support faculty in their learning analytics research about student success
  • Teaching center staff and educational developers responsible for transforming teaching and learning cultures at their schools
  • Institutional research office personnel responsible for working with faculty, staff and administrators on student success initiatives

Cost and registration

There is no fee to attend the summit, but space is limited, so please register early. Poster sessions, lighting round presentations and short paper presentations will provide opportunities for you to share your own learning analytics projects. During the summit, you will collaborate in working groups on specific topics selected to help us further engage in the research of student success in such a way, that you will leave with actionable outcomes to pursue back at your own institution.

Goals and outcomes

The summit will foster a multi-institutional community to advance the research and application of big data and learning analytics for student success at the course, program, and institutional levels of higher learning.

By the end of the summit, you will have had the opportunity to:

  • Contribute to working group sessions that will help to further engage faculty in the research of student success.
  • Identify strategies that will overcome roadblocks to making the data useful on our campuses
  • Discuss the current trends and usage of learning analytics both nationally and internationally
  • Showcase the work occurring on your campus and how it contributes to student success
  • Establish new connections and nurture existing social networks with institutions and colleagues working in the field